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Windows Server 2003 kurulum cd’sine SP2 eklemek

Integrating the Service Pack 2 to Windows Server 2003 CD

You can slipstream SP2 into your Windows Server 2003 CD by copying the contents of your CD to a folder on your hard-drive, and issuing the following command:

C:\WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:C:\W2k3\

In the example above, this is the x86 installer being used and the Windows Server 2003 CD has been copied to C:\W2k3\

After the process completes, download Microsoft Corporation.img and use it as the bootsector for your CD.

If you’re using Nero, it’ll look something like this:

Choose CD-ROM (Boot) from the New Compilation’s Boot page.

Under Source of boot image data choose “Image file” and Browse to the Microsoft Corporation.img.

Select Enable expert settings (for advanced users only) and set the following: Kind of emulation – No Emulation

Number of loaded sectors – 4

Load segment of sectors – 07C0

Click NEW.

File Browser area, navigate to c:\w2k3 Select all of the files inside of that directory and copy them over to the left side for burning.

Click BURN and you’re done once the CD is complete.


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